New Student FAQs

------------------------- CLASS PLACEMENT FAQs --------------------------


What is the best age for someone to start Irish dance?

It is best for students to be at least 4 years old at time of enrollment … and there is no age limit for beginning students!


Which class would a beginning student start in?

We offer a Pre-School class for ages 4-5 and a New Beginner class for ages 6 and up.  Adult beginners may begin in the Adult Irish Dance class. Click here to access the 2019-20 Class Schedule. 


What if I have experience in dance, Irish dance or another form?

Except for those with extensive Irish dance experience, all dancers begin in either Pre-School, New Beginners, or Adult Beginners.  Dancers with previous experience normally progress more rapidly through the New Beginner level and into the Bun Grad (Level 1) class. Please refer to the 2019-20 Class Schedule for times and days.

If you or your dancer has a significant background in Irish dance, please contact Holly to find the best entry class level.


Can we try out a class before enrolling?
Your first class is always FREE!

Please feel free to try a class at no charge and with absolutely no obligations.  To reserve your space, scroll down to Registration FAQs  or go directly to the Trial Class Registration Form  If you want to continue lessons after your trial class, you may then register as a student at our school. 


------------------------- CLASS ATTENDANCE FAQs --------------------------


What should I wear to class? 

It is best for students to wear light-weight, comfortable clothing that will allow the teacher to view ankle and knee placement.  Hair should be pulled off the face (bangs are OK).  For more specifics, check out our Dress Code.


Should I bring anything to class?  

Water bottles are allowed in the studio and encouraged. Students can drink from their water bottle in the studio at any time during class. We also have a water fountain in the hallway for use during drink breaks.


What about shoes?

Students new to Irish dance may begin classes in socks.  When a dancer is enrolled in continuing lessons, the following options will be of benefit (for foot support and safety): 

      1.  Black Ballet Shoes  -  Sold at local shoe stores such as Payless, and on  Their average price is $20. This option does not provide lots of support, but they are non-slip and are an economic choice for the beginner dancer.

      2.  Irish Dancing Soft Shoes  (Ghillies or Pumps) -  Traditional Irish dance soft shoes offer lots of support right where it’s needed.  A great beginner shoe starts at approximately $42.  Please see our lrish Dance Shoe Information Sheet for recommendations, how to measure your foot and where to purchase. Once enrolled, you can become a member of our website to access additional resources, including the Shoes page.

      3.  You may also be able to purchase used shoes at our studio or on sites such as eBay. 


Where are you located?

We are in the Ryan Center for the Arts, 18 S. Belmont St., York, PA 17403.  For a direct link to GoogleMaps for this address, go to (Please note that GoogleMaps has not updated the photo of our building after renovations.) Our parking lot is directly across the street from the Belmont Theatre’s main entrance.  Look for a red and white building, with a green awning.  Also please see the Ryan Center Site Map.


What type of dance floors do you have?

We have floating wooden floors.  This means that there are air pockets underneath the floor’s surface that provide give when a student dances on it.  Our floors have additional padding underneath, as well. This type of floor prevents injuries and allows the dancer to achieve more height when practicing without tiring as quickly.


Where do parents wait & can I watch my dancer during classes?

Although parents can be a positive presence to their child in the classroom, distracted students can have a reduced learning pace.  During class time, parents may wait in our Lobby or Student Area (see Ryan Center Site Map) or run an errand and return by the end of class.  

Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom for the last 5-10 minutes of class each month during a Classroom Observation Week.  Videoing during this time is encouraged!



        ------------------------- REGISTRATION FAQs --------------------------


How do I sign up for my free trial class?

Fill out the Free Trial Class Registration form and come to class!  That’s all there is to it! 


If you register for a class and are unable to make it, simply fill out another registration form with a new date! 


What if my dancer wants to continue Irish dance lessons after their trial class?

2019-20 Student Registration forms are printable and available at the studio.  Registration Forms are due by the first day a student begins regular classes. Please place your completed form, along with your tuition payment, in a letter-sized envelope and put it into our payment box located in the Student Area.


Coming Soon:  Online Student Registration forms can also be filled out and submitted via our website. In this case, there is no need to fill out a printed form.  Please enclose your tuition payment in an envelope and place into our payment box on the day of their first paid class.


------------------------- TUITION FAQs --------------------------


What is the cost and how do we pay?

Class tuition is collected monthly.  Please refer to the 2019-20 Tuition Rates & Policy for up-to-date information.  Payments can be made in the Payment Box at the studio or online.


How much should I pay if my dancer starts after the 1st week of the month?

If you begin regular classes later than the first week of the month, the amount is calculated by dividing your monthly tuition by 4 and then multiplying that amount by the number of weeks you will be attending (not counting the week of your trial class).  For example, if your monthly tuition is $45, your weekly rate is $11.25.  If your trial class was on Week 2, then you would pay for Weeks 3 & 4 for the first month. In this example, the amount would be $11.25 x 2 = $22.50.

Please note that there is an Annual Registration Fee, per family, of $45. This helps to cover costs of parade supplies, maintaining the website, and miscellaneous costs for school events.

Tuition is paid monthly. The full monthly amount should be paid regardless of absences; make-up classes are available at no extra charge. Please see the Payments and Class Cancellations sections of the 2019-20 Tuition Rates & Policy for more information.


How can I help my dancer practice at home?

Parents will have access to their dancer’s progress via Edmodo, there is a Home Practice Resources area of our website where both students and parents can view password-protected videos to help them practice at home.


Do you have a yearly recital?

Yes!  We have an annual school-wide Showcase where family and friends can celebrate your dancer’s success while enjoying an entertaining performance.


Are there performance opportunities throughout the year?

Yes!  We have a fun and active Performing Company for students in Level 1 and above.  We also have activities that are open to all students, including local parades and our annual Showcase.


What if I have additional questions?

As questions arise, please feel free to email


Thank you for your interest! 
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