New Student FAQs



I'm new to Irish dance, where do I start?

1. Wee little ones, aged 3-4, enroll in our Pre-School class.  Lessons include development of spacial awareness through creative movement, identification of musical rhythm and counting, and how to move like an Irish dancer, including foundational Irish dance movements. We ask that a parent or guardian joins us during class.  This helps short attention spans focus, connects the learning experience between classroom and home, and can strengthen the parent/child bond.

2. Students ages 5 and up enter through the New Beginner class.  This class serves as a portal into our leveled classes.  Students move into Level 1 (Bun Grad) classes as soon as the basics can be danced to music. 

3. Dancers who have prior Irish dance experience should contact Holly directly, at 717-825-5461.  Usually these dancers take a few private lessons and then enter the level that best matches their current level of dance.


Can I try out a class before enrolling?
Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage that... your first class is always FREE!

Check us out in real time and ask as many questions as you'd like. No charge and no obligations.

Go to the Trial Class Registration Form  and reserve your spot!  



What should I wear to class? 

Anything that is light-weight and comfortable!  The teacher should be able to view a dancer's ankle and knee placement, so shorts or leggings are a great choice.  Keep cool and minimize distractions, by having medium to long hair held back in a ponytail.  For  details, check out our Dress Code.


What should I bring to class?  (Alterations have been made due to the pandemic, please click HERE for more info.) 

Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle to keep with you in class. Water fountains are available in the hallway to use during drink breaks.  Any other type of drink, as well as food, are not permitted in the studio.


If you bring a dance bag, it can be placed in one of our dancer cubbies outside of the studio doors during class.  There is also a coat rack for jackets and a shoe basket for "street shoes".  Only dance shoes are allowed on studio floors.


Do I need Irish dance shoes?  ...and are they expensive?

Students new to Irish dance may begin classes in socks only or ballet flats.  For safety and proper learning, continuing dancers must wear dance shoes during classes.

Dance shoe options are:

      1.  Black Ballet Shoes - Option for Beginners -  Average price: $20.  Sold at local shoe stores such as Payless, and on  This option does not provide lots of support, but are non-slip and an economic choice for young and beginning dancers.

      2.  Irish Dancing Soft Shoes  - Also known as Ghillies or Pumps -  These shoes offer tons of support, and look pretty cool, too!  Prices vary, however a great beginner shoe can be around $45. For more information, click on the Irish Dance Shoe icon! 

       3.  Used Irish Dance Shoes - As dancers grow, many used shoes become available at a reduced price. Check for used shoes at the studio, on our Student & Family Facebook Page and even on eBay. Used dance shoes are generally sold for half of the retail price, depending on the condition of the shoes.  ...and don't forget, you can sell your shoes when you grow out of them!  


Where are you located and where do we park?

                Click on the photo for details! --->



What type of dance floors do you have?

Our floors protect your muscles, help you jump higher, prevent fatigue, and deliver loud hard shoe sounds -- they are floating hard wood floors with added cushioning.

Wait... your floors float?


Kind of... Floating floors have built-in air pockets under the surface so that the floor bends and "gives" when a dancer starts moving, while proving tons of support!  Our floors have additional padding underneath that enhances this effect. Floating floors prevent injuries and allows the dancer to achieve more height when practicing without tiring as quickly.




How do I sign up for my free trial class?

Fill out the Free Trial Class Registration form and come to class!  That’s all there is to it! 


If you register for a class and are unable to make it, simply fill out another registration form with a new date! 


What if my dancer wants to continue Irish dance lessons after their trial class?

Student Registration forms are printable and available at the studio.  Registration Forms are due by the first day a student begins regular classes. Please place your completed form, along with your tuition payment, in a letter-sized envelope and put it into our payment box located in the Student Area.


What is the cost and how do we pay?

Please refer to the Tuition Rates & Policy for up-to-date information.  




Do you have a yearly recital?

Yes!  We have an annual school-wide Showcase where family and friends can celebrate your dancer’s success while enjoying an entertaining performance.


Are there performance opportunities throughout the year?

Yes!  We have a fun and active Performing Company for students in Level 1 and above.  We also have activities that are open to all students, including local parades and our annual Showcase.

Do your dancers attend competitions?

Yes! We are members of Cumann Rince Naisiunta (CRN), based in Ireland, and there are CRN-sanctioned competitions throughout the year. CRN is also "Open Platform" which means that dancers from non-CRN schools are allowed to dance at our competitions, and CRN dancers may compete at non-CRN events.


Is my dancer required to compete?

Competitions and performances are encouraged but optional. Participation in these types of events will help any dancer progress more quickly and solidly, aid in confidence building, and build friendships both near and far. However it is important that dancers have a positive experience with Irish dance and so they will not be pushed to do something they are not interested in or ready for.  Dancers are encouraged to participate, with respect.


Are there resources to help my dancer practice?

Parents will have access to their dancer’s progress via JackRabbit, and Independent Practice Resources area of  Google Classroom where both students and parents can view password-protected guides & videos to help them practice more effectively at home.



What if I have additional questions?

As questions arise, please feel free to email


Thank you for your interest! 
Fill out your Free Trial Class Registration today!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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