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Sibling Discounts

Younger siblings enrolled at our school receive 10% off of their monthly dance classes.

Online Payment Instructions

1. Go to and select the Classes tab on the menu bar.

2. Click on the Pay Now button. This will take you to our Payments page.

3.  Select the classes that your dancers are enrolled in.

4.  At checkout, if a Sibling Discount applies, enter the Coupon Code for that class (see below).

Sibling Discount Coupon Codes

If Your Youngest Dancer          Enter this Coupon Code
is Enrolled in:                            at Checkout:


PRE-SCHOOL                           SIB10PS

NEW BEGINNERS                    SIB10NB

YOUNG BUN GRAD                SIB10YBG

BUN GRAD (8+)                        SIB10BG

ULLM SOFT SHOE                   SIB10USS

ULLM HARD SHOE                 SIB10UHS

MG SOFT SHOE                       SIB10MGSS

MG HARD SHOE                     SIB10MGHS

AG SOFT SHOE                       SIB10AGSS

AG HARD SHOE                     SIB10AGHS

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