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  • What do you look for when doing an evaluation?
    Evaluations are based on mastery of steps and proper technique for a given class level. Class conduct will also be considered, since higher class levels require increased concentration and hard work. The goal of the evaluation is to ensure that you are in the level that will serve you best. Please se "How will I know when I am ready to move up to the next level of classes" in the FAQs.
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  • Which steps will I learn in each level?
    New Beginner and Pre-School - Change23s & Side Step (up to Bun Grad Speed) Bun Grad - Reel, Slip JIg, Single Jig & Light Jig Ullmhuchan, Mean Grad and Ard Grad - Reel, Slip Jig, Single Jig, Treble Jig & Hornpipe
  • How will I know when I am ready to move up to the next level of classes?
    On the 1st and last weeks of classes, and upon request throughout the year, an evaluation of student progress will be made by the teacher. Students will be provided with a copy of the evaluation and receive a recommendation within a week after assessment.
  • What if my dancer is eligible for a team that has a commitment level we are unable to make?
    She may opt for a team level that has a lower commitment level.
  • Which teams should my dancer join if she is in more than two levels of classes?
    If a dancer is enrolled in, for example, Ullm SS, Ullm HS, and MG SS, she is eligible to join the White SS, White HS, and Silver SS teams. There is no extra charge.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please don’t hesitate to ask. If you have the question, chances are others will too. Your inquiries will help us add to our FAQs!
  • What if my dancer moves up in class level during the season?
    She may choose to stay with her original teams, to remain with her original teams and also move into a higher-level team, or leave her original teams and move up to the teams that correspond with her new class levels. If she chooses to move up, she will be part of all new choreography learned with her new team and may also join in dances already learned at her former level.
  • What if my dancer exceeds the attendance allowance and is reassigned to a team with a higher allowance?
    She will be part of all new choreography on her new team, and may be asked to join dances already learned and practiced with her former team.
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